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The Values of Belonging to BizELife Community

All proceeds goes toward BizELife Educational Fund to help those who want to start a business, get training, and make connections to launch you into success in the 21st century.  BizELife is the educational, empowerment, and engagement platform to generate content for our members to be successful in life.

  • Get to access pre-qualified, verified and trusted service providers who will consult directly on all of your business needs at an affordable price.
  • Get direct access our strategic partners on all your business needs and educational tools and resources conveniently in your own webportal such as expert-lead topic workshops/webinar, Shadow Warrior (mentor) and coaching program.
  • Get access to financial assistance through our Perpetual Education Fund by applying online.
  • Get a tax charitable write off on your monthly/yearly contribution as a pay it forward to other BizELife members who are in need.
  • Participate with our community outreach programs and events to feature your business ideas
  • Get personal assistance from our Business Shadow Warriors and Business Owner-Mentors who can help you launch, run, and grow your business in real life applications.
  • Participate to our social media closed and open groups and get help from the community through online chat.
  • Compete for prizes and bragging rights in our Idea of the Quarter for your business plan.
  • Participate in collaborative marketing program with our service providers, strategic partners and BizELife member community to share and network with others.

| $10 per month |