The Values of Partnership with BizELife

BizELife is here to assist our members to be more effective, get started faster and better executed than most through our one-stop resources and Perpetual Education Fund.

A new report from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), sponsored by Babson College and Baruch College, finds that 27 million working-age Americans--nearly 14 percent--are starting or running new businesses.

The Alarming Shortage Figures on Tradesman:  In 2014, Manpower Group spoke to over 37,000+ employers in 42 countries to look at the extent to which they are having difficulty finding the right talent and what jobs are the most difficult to find. 36% of all employers have reported difficulties filling jobs; 54% of those employers experience a medium-to-high impact on their ability to meet the needs of clients

  • 66% of high school students enroll in higher education, but only 35% of future jobs will require a 4-year+ degree.
  • 20% job growth in the PHCE industry is expected in the next 10 years; 58 is the average age of electricians in Boston; 60% turnover in trades employees is expected over the next 10 years
Be a Service Providers
  • Our members are looking for your services. You get access to these new clients who will be coming to you instead of you reaching out to them.
  • Access webinar events for our service providers and partners who want to reach our members on a specific topic that matters to business owners.
  • Our service providers will have access to BizELife members only closed group forum to feature your expertise
  • Contribute to our Blogs to be featured as the "expert" in the field.
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Corporate and/or Educational Partners
  • Corporate Partners can access new entrepreneurs who will pay for your services as their daily operational and/or marketing needs.
  • Educational Partners can provide your students with high quality and trusted connections to help them launch, run, and grow their business or leadership skills.
  • BizELife partners can access our members to promote your events, marketing campaigns and services .
  • BizELife partners have access to our corporate events and webinars to feature your company or organization.
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